Diamond Drilling

What is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond drilling is a specialized form of core drilling that employs a rotary drill to meticulously create accurately measured holes. Leveraging the exceptional hardness of diamonds, the hardest naturally occurring material on Earth, this technique is well-suited for piercing through diverse materials such as concrete, metal, and glass. 

The use of diamond-impregnated drill bits ensures not only precision in creating openings but also the extraction of pristine core samples, making it an invaluable method in various industries for geological exploration, mineral extraction, and structural assessments. The process involves the deployment of sophisticated drilling rigs, core barrel assemblies, and water circulation systems, facilitating the recovery of intact cylindrical cores for in-depth analysis by geologists and engineers

Types of Diamond Drilling Machines?

Diamond drilling is widely used in mineral exploration, geological surveys, environmental investigations, and various subsurface studies

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