TIMAJA ENTERPRISES LTD is a registered company under the Zambian government (PACRA)  Incorporated on 25th November, 2009, Certificate registration No. 81592 and it is a V.A.T registered company under Zambia revenue Authorities.

Timaja has quest to provide the Zambian economy by providing Quality & cost effective service delivery and above all providing employment opportunities to the Zambian people.

The management of Timaja Comprises of Expatriates from South America [Peru] and Local Qualified Zambians all with vast experience in Exploration Mining and other general works.

Projects - Works

The  company  is  currently  engaged  in Diamond  drilling services, Mining operations in Zambia with Konkola Copper mines, Lubambe Copper mine, Mopani  Copper Mines  plc, Mindola North, Mindola  sub  vertical  and Nkana   central  shafts, Nkana Open  pits(surface) as well as Mopani Mufulira sites and other small contracts  with ZCCM-IH, DN Consulting Associate and Scot  Wilson Zambia in  connection with rural rectification project under ZESCO projects in dry  core Drilling and Geotechnical holes in Lunzua  power station-mbala,  Musonda  hydro  power station-Mansa, Chishimba Hydro  power  station –Kasama  and  Lusiwasi Hydro station-Serenje

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